General Facts about the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve

8 July, 2016

The Cuyabeno Lodge is located at the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve in the Ecuadorian Amazon. But where is this exactly, how big is the reserve and how can I get there? Answers you will find in this blog post:

The Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve was founded in 1979 to protect the environment and the indigenous people who still live there as well as to create a national areas system.

It covers 6033.8 km² of tropical rainforest stretching north towards the Colombian border and east to the Peruvian border. It is located in the provinces called Napo and Sucumbíos. The Reserve has its name from the correspondent river “Rio Cuyabeno”.

Ecuador Map Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve

Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve

You can entrance the Reserve from Lago Agrio, the last city before the Amazon begins. From there your jungle tour starts. Our guide pick you up and bring you to the river. From there you go with a 2 hour canoe ride to the Cuyabeno Lodge. On your way you will already spot a lot of wildlife.

Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve Excursion in canoe

Wildlife watching from the canoe

Cuyabeno Lodge has its unique location right at the big lagoon (Laguna Grande). While visitors coming from most other lodges must first travel 30 to 45 minutes to get to the lake, you are already right at the lake.

There is no other park in the Amazonian Andes countries Venezuela, Colombia, Peru or Bolivia with so many lakes and creeks that is as conveniently accessible as Cuyabeno.

Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve Cuyabeno Lodge

Cuyabeno Lodge located at the big lagoon

Along rivers and lakes you can find both land and aquatic species. Many land species need to go to the river to drink, while water-dependent species occur in addition to the terrestrial fauna. Additionally, there are quite a few water-dependent species that are relatively big, such as the Dolphins, Manatees, Capybaras, Cayman, Ducks, Cormorants, Herons, etc.

With over 580 species of birds, 250 species of fish and 100 species of mammals, the Cuyabeno Reserve is a superb example of the Amazon’s tropical richness and beauty.

But see for yourself! Come and visit us at Cuyabeno Logde!

Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve

Entrance Cuyabeno Lodge