Interview with a naturalist guide

2 September, 2017
Luis Hernandez

Tourists normally just visit the rainforest and leave after a few days. For them, it’s a unique adventure, something they check off their bucket list. But what about people who live there or who spend a lot of their time in the National Park, surrounded by dense vegetation and exotic wildlife? We had the great opportunity to talk in detail to one of our naturalist guides, Roberto, and asked him a few questions about his job and life in the Cuyabeno Reserve.

Dear Roberto, thanks a lot for taking your time to talk to me. How long have you been a guide in the Cuyabeno Reserve?

Hi, you are very welcome, thank you very much for the opportunity.
I have been a naturalist guide in the Cuyabeno Reserve since 2013, so I have already worked there for 4 years now.

Why did you choose to become a naturalist guide?

Well, I would say that the most obvious reason is that I love nature – especially the rainforest, but also the Ecuadorian mountains for example. After traveling around Ecuador myself, I started working as a guide, showing people our beautiful country and so far I really have enjoyed this experience. To share with people what you experience during travels, to show them highlights and hidden places, to share the passion you have about nature, this is the best part of it. That is why I decided to become a naturalist guide.

A lot of animals are really hard to find in the rain forest. Have you already seen a jaguar for example?

No, unfortunately I haven’t seen a jaguar so far, only the tracks while walking through the rainforest. I really want to spot a jaguar one day. Hopefully soon!

What is your favorite animal in the rain forest?

My favorite animals are the wild cats and the owls. Owls are amazingly beautiful and very capable hunters with their incredible senses.

What are the best moments for you during a tour?

What I love most are the walks through the rainforest with the guests and paddling around the Lagoon. Without the motorized canoe you can really enjoy to the fullest the silence and beauty of the Cuyabeno Reserve.

What does the rainforest mean to you?

Well, the rainforest is one of my favorite places. It fills me with curiosity; it is still a mysterious place. For me, I can still find peace there – which isn’t possible anymore in a lot of other places in our world.

So in just one word – what is the rainforest for you?

A wonder.

Roberto, thank you very much for talking to me. We wish you all the best for the future and many more magical moments in the rainforest!

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