The Climate in the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador

23 August, 2016

The Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve is the second largest reserve in Ecuador and has an area of 603.380 ha. Beside other Amazonian countries like Peru or Bolivia it is unique for being surprisingly flat and for its various lakes and creeks. Those make the Cuyabeno Reserve the best accessible reserve.

Amazon Rainforest Ecuador

The vegetation at Cuyabeno Reserve in the rainy season.

But let’s talk about the climate at the reserve. A frequent question is always if there is a rainy season and dry season and when it takes place. Let it clarify in this blog post:

The climate at the Ecuadorian Amazon is characterized by an average of about 3.000 mm of rainfall per year, that are about 200 days per year, and an average temperature of 73-82°F (23-28°C).

There is a distinct seasonal variety of rainy season and dry season in which “dry” do not mean that it is not raining, it just means that it is raining less in this period. Of course there are rain showers and the forest is not drying out.

Vegetation Amazon Rainforest Ecuador

At the rainy season the water-level is high.

Sunset Amazon Rainforest Ecuador

Sunset at the big lagoon during dry season.







The dry season usually begins in September and ends in early or mid-March. During this period the water-level of the big lagoon, where Cuyabeno Lodge is located, decrease and it falls largely dry. At this time it is perfect to observe aquatic and semi-aquatic animals like anacondas and caimans as it is easy to find them in the remaining water.

Vegetation Amazon Rainforest Ecuador

Entrance to Cuyabeno Lodge in the dry season.

The rainy season begins in March until August. As the Cuyabeno Reserve is located in the rainforest, of course there is rain. Have in mind: It always rains! But do not worry, the birds and mammals come out, even when it rains. At the Cuyabeno Lodge we provide raincoats and rubber boots for you, so you will be perfectly prepared for a tour at the rainforest.

Rubber boots Cuyabeno Lodge

…and rubber boots for you at the Lodge.

Tourists Cuyabeno Lodge

Rain at the rainforest – we provide rain coats…





Cuyabeno Lodge is located close to the big lagoon and has this unique location up to a hill. During the rainy season there is an advantage to other lodges which are located at the shore of the Cuyabeno river – Cuyabeno Lodge is never flooded! As the water-level of the lake and the river can easily rise 5 meters above the normal level it will never reach the Cuyabeno Loge which is based on one of the few hills in the entire lake region.

Amazon Rainforest Cuyabeno Lodge

Cuyabeno Lodge located at a hill right to the big lagoon.